Friday, August 20, 2010

I'm offically a musician!

So, one of my dreams has been to start playing as a duo with my husband, Jim. He's been in a band "Old Friends" in one way shape or form for over 20 years. They are pretty successful locally and have a good following from Syracuse, NY to Scranton,PA. They've even played at a beach house in the Hamptons which was kind of cool (except that it was really sad to see the way they have ruined the beach with rows of actually made me cry to see it).
After meeting my hubby and hearing him play for the first time, I kind of got the bug to start playing my guitar again. Except that I didn't have one anymore. So he bought me a really sweet Taylor and I started practicing and taking lessons again. Turns out that the same guy I took lessons with as a teenager plays with my husband and his band. Huh. Did I mention that my husband is 14 years older than I am ?
Then my husband (then boyfriend-that sounds funny now) let me get up and sing a song with the band. And what did I do? Pulled the mic right out of the stand, disconnecting it right in the middle of the song! Oh yeah, they're not all cordless like on karaoke night...Oops!
Over the past 4 years my desire to go out and play music has grown and my husband and I got our feet wet playing at the local nursing home where I was working. My mom "hired" us to play for one of her church-lady meetings for St Patrick's Day (we do some Irish music since that's his band's specialty). And then I got to sit in as a member of the band last year for a gig when the other guitar player couldn't be there. That was nerve-wracking!
So now Jim and I are officially up and running as a duo. Last night we played our second gig at McGirk's Irish Pub in Chenango Bridge, NY. I have to admit that I have kind of forced my husband to do this. Not that he didn't want to but he and his ex-wife used to have a country band that broke up when they did and I think he kind of had a sense of "here we go again." Except that I'm not her and he's not the man he used to be (in a REALLY good way!). I was "threatening" ( I say that only half jesting-when I want something-I WANT IT!) to go out and find my own band if he didn't do this so I guess he figured what the heck. I wouldn't want to do this without him anyway. He's the one who created this beast. The least he can do is help feed the darn thing!!
Thankfully, Jim is an excellent guitar player because my skills leave much to be desired. I tend to get lost because I like listening to him play and then I lose my place or forget to come in singing! I guess it's good that I like to listen to him but when you're the show, paying attention is helpful... Needless to say, we are a work in progress.
Naming our duo is maybe the biggest challenge we have. Well, that and the fact that I am terrible at harmonizing-I mean, come on, I want to sing the MELODY! Seriously I have thrown out dozens of names, even going so far as to hold a "Name the Band" contest with our friends on Facebook and still no luck. Jim is calling us "The Hull's" and we're listed as just Jim & Liz Hull on the ad's. I like "James & Elizabeth." I also like "North Creek" -it's actually the name of the town we just vacationed in in the Adirondak's-but he thinks it's too close to his ex-country band's name "North Country." I say, whatever! (lol) That band had been defunct for something like 10+ years. It may actually be more like 14. So then I came up with Crazy Creek. Saw that on a sign also! We are certainly crazy! I am just calling us "The Whatever's" for now. Maybe someone can come up with a great name and send it to me in a comment. That is, if anyone actually reads my posts!


  1. Sounds like you are on your way!!!

  2. That's actually pretty awesome! I sing and my boyfriend plays guitar...a duo would be super cool! I hope that whatever happens, you have fun with it!