Saturday, September 18, 2010

The worst blogger on earth...

So, one of these days I will learn to be consistent! Maybe when the babies are older and my laundry is caught up and I don't have to cook breakfast/lunch/dinner and the dishes do themselves and I catch up on the gazillion emails in my inbox... Wow! How do these women make time to blog every day? And do all of the things they are apparently doing???
I bought a "MomAgenda" planner to help me pull myself together. But I still lug around a big black "Miche" bag along with my purse for all of the books and notebooks and music I seem to be incapable of being without. I bought two blue plastic boxes in order to organize my bill paying "system" (I call it that lightly these days) and there they sit on my table next to the box that they were supposed to replace. I need to put "write to do list" on my "to do list!"
It is painfully obvious that there is no product/system/gadget/book, etc., that is going to get me organized or purge my clutter or fix my diet and my waistline. I was reading tonight on the "Small Notebook" site about purging papers and getting rid of things that seem impossible to get rid of, like every card your grandmother gave you. Seems reasonable. And prudent. Expecially given that the paper clutter is my husband's biggest complaint.
I refuse to believe that I am the only paper "addict" out there. In fact, having been a homecare nurse for 14 years, I know for a fact that I am not. In fact, compared to some folks, I am immaculately clutter free! (kind of like "relative morality?" -but we won't go there now....) But that is no excuse. I really must put on my big girl panties and get to work!
First things first-this week is officially paper purge week! I will have three days to do this. Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday will be my paper purging days. AND I WILL BLOG ABOUT IT EACH DAY. To prove that I am serious, I just entered it in my "MomAgenda" planner, ha! It's the first thing on the page. If I knew where my camera was and could get the darn thing to upload photos, I'd show you. Maybe that will be on the agenda next week. You'll just have to "listen" to me for now. Use your imagination. Engage your brain!
Anyone else addicted to paper? Want to start a support group?
My first project will be the dining room table. And I promise to take a picture before and after like she did on Small Notebook. Eventually I will post it. Pinky swear.


  1. My friend,
    I feel what you feel. I am too embarrassed to take pictures. I go on a paper purge every now and again. Magazines, catalogs, paper, paper, paper. I think the garbage men must think weird things about me. We'll go for a few weeks without bothering to put out recycling and then ... boom ... so much recycling I have to load it in the vehicle to take it to the bottom of the driveway!
    I have a "desk" in the kitchen. I try and keep it clean. I will clean it and I swear the rest of the family thinks that's the prompt to put their crap and mail and junk and my junk on it all over again.
    My son moved home again and, can I tell you? ... he just leaves his mail wherever he opens it. The counter, the desk, the dog crate, the COUNTER ... I said that, I know. But it bears repeating! THE COUNTER. Then husband comes home and wham ... "why is there s h i t on the counter?"
    So periodically I put his mail in his mail basket. Yes, we have mail baskets. I paid dearly to have those nice baskets from the expensive basket company on a nice expensive wrought iron 4 tier shelf so that everyone can have a basket on an individual shelf to put their stuff. Now, I ask you ... doesn't that sound like a great plan? Mail + basket = mail in basket. HAHA ... nope!

    Then I have this thing about saving cards. Saving newspaper clips of my Goddaughter's bowling exploits. Why do I need the whole newspaper to keep her 1 line stats??? I have a stack from last season. A few random papers from previous years; but all of last year's stats. (she's a good bowler)
    So no, my friend ... you are NOT alone and yes, I understand completely.
    I have really started being more mindful of the paper piles over the last year, and I think you can imagine why. I don't want it to get to that point.
    Maybe you will inspire me ...
    Have a paperless day <3

  2. I knew I wasn't alone! I think the papers get together at night and multiply. and they hide the important stuff. Kind of like the underwear gnomes...

    Maybe I will come up with a brilliant solution this week and then you too can be paper clutter free! We'll pray for a miracle! For both of us!