Monday, October 11, 2010

A new challenge!

So I am subscribed to a blog called Inspired to Action and today is "Motivation Monday" where we are challenged to do something to improve ourselves as mom's or just as a woman of God I suppose! My ultimate goal is to GET UP EARLY! That, however did not happen today. In fact, my dear sweet husband took the twins downstairs this morning and let me sleep for another hour! (And let me just say that when you are as sleep deprived as I am, that feels like a heavenly treat!)

What I did do today was to get out of the house! I know that doesn't sound like much but I tend to get so caught up on keeping a schedule with the girls that I never get around to getting out. It's only when I absolutely have to that I ever manage to pack everyone up and move 'em on out.

So today I did it simple. Simplicity is what I am ultimately striving for anyway, right? I put Annabeth's coat on, left Molly in her jammies and we walked down the driveway to watch the backhoe dig a ditch along our driveway. Sounds really exciting, doesn't it? But, it's a beautiful day outside and we live in the country a bit so it was extra nice to be outside. We even collected little acorn "men." You know, the ones with their "hats" still on? They're all over the driveway. In fact, I feel really bad for the ones that are starting to sprout in the driveway because they will never have a fair chance of becoming a big old oak tree. So I threw as many of them as I could up on the bank to give them a chance to live too! Don't trees have a right to life too?

God's love was shining down on us as we explored the front yard and as I plucked stuff out of the twins mouths as they tried to taste the world! It was a perfect little interlude between breakfast and nap time. I'm hoping the weather holds so we can take a walk up to the farm around the bend after naps are over!

I have also started a meal plan for the week. There are so many meal planning sites out there. I've looked at a few of them. Some of them have you cook and freeze for later in the month. That sounds like a great idea but my freezer is packed at the moment so I am trying to eat out of it instead of trying to fill it up right now. Some have you plan around sales, but I never got a paper yesterday and usually what they have on sale is "manufactured" food which I am trying to avoid.

Weston A Price has some articles on planning real food meals and I also found something on real food on a budget the other day. Now if only I could find that site again... If I have one problem with the internet, it's that I always seem to end up doing "tangential surfing" and I end up on these really great sites but I can never remember how I got there or how to get back! I definitely need to start writing this stuff down! I suppose this is what happens when pencil and paper girl meets the online community!

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