Saturday, December 5, 2009

Promised pics...more to come

5 hours old and already they are playing "back-up singer"!

So this is miss Molly Elizabeth, Day 1, just an hour old. She really reminded me of my brother when he was a baby. She was quite dark and ruddy right at birth whereas he sister was pale, or "pastey white" as her father so lovingly described her. They have continued to have very different complexions. Molly is the "latin" baby and Annabeth is the "white" child. My mother, God bless her, wanted a black grandchild. Apparently she hasn't noticed what color my husband is....

Here's big sister Jessica holding Molly. Molly so kindly inaurated Jess by peeing on her. Jess was very proud of her Molly pee and felt she had bonded with her over this experience.

I think they are comparing notes about the birth.

"Hey, did they cut your cord too???"

A little bit bigger. These are from about 3 weeks ago. Molly still looks like my brother but she really looks like my dad, haircut and all! She's got big blue eyes and no hair on top! Annabeth (left) looks like daddy especially from the nose down but also looks very much like my 2 month old baby pictures on the wall at my mom's. There's hope for her yet!!! They are both smiling now and starting to babble. Of course they stop grinning as soon as you pull out the camera!
Ok so actually I had uploaded (downloaded?) more pics from the birth of Annabeth and Molly but for some reason these were the only ones that "took". Guess I still need to work the kinks out. Do they have "Blogging for Dummies"???
Promise to post more of Annabeth as well as both of them more recently very soon.
Are you ready for Christmas???
James and I are going to look for a fake tree this year. I will just have to burn a candle to get that nice pine scent in the house. But I have enough other lovely stuff to sweep off the floor everyday without adding pine needles to the mess. Now the challenge is to find a Made in America tree. Wish us luck!

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